Monday, October 6, 2008

Emergency Quilt

This weekend we (by we I mean Chase) lengthened Wren's bed a bit, since she's getting so tall. It's sort of an encouragement for her to spend more time in her nice big girl bed and less time in ours. Her bed is awesome, but it is not a standard size for sheets or blankets. We've been using her old crib blankets and her red baby quilt, but with the new big size, she needs a new big girl quilt.

She helped pick some fabric from the (massively diminished) stash, and I got to work on Sunday. I'm making a very informal coin quilt type thing, and I may call Rachel and get some advice on tying. I've always wanted to try that, and since this has to be fast project, my usual hand quilting probably isn't the best idea. Any advice?


rachel said...

use the thick embroidery floss, don't cut as you go (just thread the whole quilt with a continuous thread and then cut at the end, it will leave plenty of room for tying), try not to let there be more than 3-4 inches between ties (the more space between, the more chance of bunching batting).

here's a video example of a surgeon's knot. very helpful.

jessie said...

If you make big girl quilts anything like you make wedding quilts this girl is gonna get hooked up!!!!

-- chase said...

Rachel, your profile pic makes parenting look so FUN!