Monday, October 27, 2008

A Morning at the Creek

Wren was a little resistant to the life jacket, but she was too interested in everything else to put up much of a fight. Who but my dad can produce assorted life jackets in all sizes from somewhere in his "shop" at a moment's notice?

After paddling (and motoring) around the full creek for a bit we found a bit of sand bar not underwater.

A baby cypress and some knees poking up out of the water.

Chase, boy scouting out, on the sandbar.

Sticking toes in cold water, and a glimpse of nearly-naked Wren, who started shedding layers as soon as she got out of the canoe.

Wren, pre-shedding. She had a blast finding mussels and building castles. I really hope next summer we make time to camp at the creek. Some of my favorite memories are waking up in the mornings when it was still misty, to my dad making coffee on the campfire. He would walk us down to the water to look at all tracks the animals had made in the night. It was magical, to see where a raccoon had washed a mussel on top of the castle I'd made the day before. You can still see where watermelon plants are growing in the spot where we always spit our watermelon seeds.

Thanks Dad.

Thanks also for turning the canoe around for Pearl. It's true, she shouldn't have been standing so close to the edge when we hit that log. And I'm glad you "taught her a lesson" on canoe etiquette- when you fall out you have to swim home. Nonetheless, I'm also glad you scooped her out again. In spite of the fact that I still smell a little bit like wet terrified dog.

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xieferris said...

i swear your dad looks like Christopher Plummer (aka the dad from the Sound of Music).