Friday, October 24, 2008

Blog Problem

Unbelievably, I actually have a backlog of posts right now, that I just can't get to post.

Right this minute I'm on my third cup of coffee, Wren is still shirtless and Jane is bottomless, (I like symmetry?) we are not packed for our trip this weekend, I haven't worked out pet sitting for Ramona, and I haven't worked on my group project for library school. So fixing the blog problem (whatever it is) is not going to happen soon.

This aspect of blogging was much easier when I could just yell in the direction of Dave's room- "No more cookies until you fix my blog." There are many things about communal living that I truly miss.

So to make up for the lack of all those magical wonderful work of art posts just languishing in the wings, here's a look at some delicious gingerbread:

Yes my food photography still needs a lot of work. Feel free to sign me up for a photography class, folks.

And tonight we're off to visit my family in Beaumont. I am looking forward to a canoe trip with my dad, and to seeing my BF4E Kelly (and giving her two enormous rubbermaid tubs full of maternity and baby clothes). If folk wisdom holds true, I will be pregnant within a week of giving away my last baby items.

So, just in case, I may hold onto a few of my faves...

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