Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sketchy Arm, etc.

I thought you all might like a rundown of a half day's worth of links from Chase. If you talk to Chase on the computer, you know his eerie skill with finding strange things. This covers one conversation, from around 9 am to noon.

First some youtube:
Grab the Hand may be my favorite, but there's also another effort closer to my heart, as it deals with librarianship.

And of course Chase's long love of Bjork, predating even the swan outfit, was represented this morning. It's true Bjork, we shouldn't let poets lie to us. (I guarantee you Chase will give me crap for not putting the umlaut on her name).

And another of Chase's great loves- dachsunds.

Thanks for sharing, HON. He prefaced that link with a quote: "This is a first. We've never had to put out an alert before on willy spread, chocolate-flavoured or otherwise."

That was followed by a sort of uplifting story, with a bizarre conversation in the comments.

And then the legendary John Stewart appearance on Crossfire. I couldn't remember if I'd seen it before. Thanks, helpful Chase. It turns out that I'm too big a wimp to actually watch it all the way through. I squirm with awkwardness and have to read a mommy blog for a few minutes before I hit play again.

Then we had a discussion about what kind of person designs their house to look like an enormous um... ladypart. "Please, step through the speculum-- I mean front door."

And that's it, because now it's time to pick Wren up from school, which means the morning of leisurely chat is over. I will add a few last links of my own though, before I head out:

A lovely and sad post up at Sweet Juniper that reminded me of one of Chase's favorite books.

And some truly bizarre and awesome cards/art supplies that I may be putting on Wren's Christmas list. She is all about drawing faces these days.

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