Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy Town

As you might have guessed, things have been pretty crazy here. At the moment they are not showing signs of calming down substantially, so I'm grabbing five minutes to share some birthday pictures from Wren's party this weekend.

Her cake was very inspired by Anna Maria Horner's recent Kitty cake and I don't think I'll ever make another cake without using glitter icing pens. So fun!

Wren's birthday is on Wednesday, and we changed the dates for her weekend party around and finally settled on last Saturday, and then we went out of town for a week and when we came back there was a big thunderstorm scheduled for her party at Zilker Park. We kept watching the weather forecast move the numbers up- 40%, 60% finally 80% chance of a big thunderstorm on party day. Bummer! We promised Wren we'd go ride the Zephyr later this week, and we successfully crammed all 50 invitees into our house on Saturday.

This is pretty much what that looked like. I didn't get any pictures of Wren in her birthday crown, but I didn't really get many of Wren period. Mostly just a blurred mass of moving children.

We set up the projector in our bedroom, with Wren's first present from us- a copy of her favorite movie. The kids took breaks zoning out to the giant screen. Wren was being very shy, so she didn't open most of her presents while people were here.

One present that we definitely waited to open was from her Grandad-

Bunkbeds! Wow! That was exciting. So far they have been a big hit, and aside from the fact that Jane has one black eye and one giant forehead bruise from falling off the ladder TWO separate times, I think we'll get the hang of them eventually.

She got a few other showstopping presents. Lovely much needed clothes, amazing thrifted toys, and a few things- an oh so thoughtful gift from her Godmother, who remembered what it's like to be the SISTER of the birthday girl, and included a little package for Janey too. Wren got a beautiful kite from her cousins, and a homemade doctor kit from some good friends that is already much loved and treasured. We are so lucky in our friends and family. Especially our far away adopted family, who made Wren's birthday extra special with this present:


There is nothing that makes me feel so cherished in our community as these gifts that show people really KNOW and love our kids. It is so inspiring. I know how much these things mean to me, so OF COURSE I can make the time to do these things for our friends too. Make cookies for our neighbors, casseroles for our coworkers, blankets for new babies, all that stuff that slips through the cracks when things get so busy. Thanks to all of you for being such an inspiring, loving bunch.


xieferris said...

very sweet post. meredith showed me the video you guys made for her 30th which was the sweetest thing ever. i don't think i had heard jane talk before!

-- chase said...

I'd like to put in a word for the awesome doctor's kit -- it is really great because it's all real medical supplies (real stethescope and otoscope) AND it came with scrubs.

meredith said...

sorry we got a book wren already had. didn't see it mentioned in the blog....

Kate said...

haha. yeah you guys suck.

honestly your present is exactly what i'm talking about- only someone who knows how weirdly obsessed wren is with picking up tiny rocks would get her a bag of rocks and a book about a rock! she loves it so much.