Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dance Party! (and present)

I saw this Where the Wild Things Are tote project from Two Straight Lines a couple of months ago, when the movie was out and everyone was crazy for it. I really loved Courtney's take on it, and filed it away for future present making potential.

Jane was recently invited to a birthday party for a school friend at a dance studio. The girls wore tutus, learned dances, made tiaras, got stick-on earrings, and of course ate lots of cake. It was pretty insane. We don't know this family super well, and needed to bring a present. And apparently I like to structure my life so that leaving for a party ALWAYS involves a last minute crazy making rush to get a present done in time to be fashionably late to wherever we are going.

Enter the tote bag. I had fabric paint, I had felt, and I had the general idea of what a ballerina friendly wild thing might look like.

Once the fabric paint dried, I started piecing some felt faces together, going for generally goofy, rather than menacing.

It was pretty down to the wire, by the time I tied off the last stitch. The birthday girl's name is Genevieve, and I definitely wasn't appliqueing that whole thing. I went with "g". We got to the party just a few minutes late, and Jane was not shy about crashing the line up.

However, she was not so sure about her new earrings. We'll be waiting a few years to revisit that.

Overall, Jane had a blast, of course, and I was asked repeatedly if she was taking dance classes somewhere, which is hilarious. For one thing, she's two. So no. And then in reality, she takes pretty intense dance classes every day, from her big sister, who demands perfect form and definitely does not offer her cake at the end of the class.

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Kelly said...

I love that bag - and cute Jane smiling behind it.