Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Bunny for Bea

This weekend we got to celebrate the second birthday of one of our favorite friends, a kid we're all going to have to stop calling "BABY Bea" pretty soon.

When Wren turned one, Bea's mom Rachel sent us a big box absolutely exploding with amazingly beautiful, lovingly constructed toys. There was a little red bird, a bunny, a big green frog that still gets a LOT of play in our house. So I wanted to make a friend for Bea that would hopefully have that same level of belovedness. Or at least cyclical played-with-ness. Let's be honest, kids are generally somewhat fickle in their attentions to inanimate objects.

Anyway, I've been wanting to try to the Hop Skip Jump pattern for Jack Rabbit, but it's Bea's bad luck to have been born at the end of the month, and my craft budget was shot. I DID have the pattern for the Wee Wonderfuls Olive and Archie dolls, and I thought if I could just improvise some ears, embroider a bunny face, and maybe add a little length to the limbs, I would come out with sort of what I had in mind.

Meet Lily, christened by Wren, feverishly and cursingly assembled while Chase was attending a church retreat, on the day of the birthday party. I am pleased to report that Lily only has ONE backwards leg, and just a FEW unsightly scars on her bottom. Happily, the anatomical upsets gave me an excuse to whip up a little skirt with some fabric that's been languishing in my closet for way too long.

Anyway, I don't know if Bea will attach to Lily or not. Even if she is doomed to a life of taking up the last place in various tea parties and classroom settings, or worse, smushed under a bed until she is discovered by the vacuum cleaner, I am glad I got to make her for such a special girl. Happy Birthday Bea! Even backwards legged bunnies need love. Maybe it will be a life lesson?

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Sarah said...

She is so cute!!!