Thursday, August 5, 2010

trip miscellany

Here are a few moments from our L.A. trip that didn't really seem to fit in another post.

The girls first (at least the first that they remember) In and Out burgers. Of the many things I miss about Southern California, In and Out is definitely up there. I somehow resisted the Double Double Animal Style, but the girls both quickly devoured theirs.

My trip knitting was a pair of very colorful leggings, that will hopefully fit a couple of tiny baby legs in a few months. I am always so drawn to earthy fall and autumn colors when I'm yarn shopping- it was fun to pick something super bright and colorful for a change.

This park in South Pas was one of my favorite places to go with baby Wren when we lived in Highland Park. The play area is completely shaded by giant sycamore trees, and there are so many fun play structures for all different ages- plus a giant sandbox with a permanent batch of communal toys. It was great to be back there with both girls. Wren immediately make friends, of course, and then made us really proud by insisting to her new older friends that Jane not be left behind in their game.

And here we are at LAX- the sight of many a miserable stand by experience when we lived in L.A. It was pretty great to be flying with tickets, and miraculously the girls kept each other relatively entertained during our wait times.

Unfortunately, the flight we boarded after this picture was also the flight we left poor Janey's special baby blanket on. I checked at Target, and of course they don't make that blanket anymore. It was the first thing I ever bought for Jane, blue of course, because the first ultrasound said we'd be having a boy. I think I'm more sad about losing it than she is, but I wish US Airways could find it. Apparently, they're not super great about finding lost items.

Oh well. Probably still better than flying stand by. And overall we had a GREAT trip. Thanks to our hosts and our wonderful friends. We miss you guys. Come visit us!

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christie said...

As we found out this year as well, airlines aren't especially concerned about returning goods that have been left behind. Expensive laptops included.