Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I found half a quart of chalkboard paint when I was cleaning out the pantry of our old house. I also find lots of other things that I will never ever talk about or think of again...

But chalkboard paint! Hurray!

I slapped several coats on the top of this gross old kid's table that had been living outside for the last two years.

In the table's defense, it's actually pretty nice. It's just been abused.

Anyway, now it's enjoying new life as the art table! It's right next to the kitchen table, and so far this arrangement is working pretty well. Better than keeping the paints up high in the kids' room. At least since Jane learned to build a ladder a few months ago and we ended up with a purple floor.

Now I can keep an eye on paint, staple, glue and glitter access, and in a few weeks when school starts, Wren will have a pretty central spot to sit down and do all her super intense kindergarten homework.

I have a feeling she's going to have some help. And I also have a feeling the scissors are going to have to move.

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