Friday, July 30, 2010

lemonade and old friends

Wren and Finn had a blast knocking lemons off our friends' tree, and then with all those lemons of course they had to make some lemonade.

Jeremy is demonstrating the process, with typical gratuitous shirtlessness. I guess that's what Colorado and Arkansas do to a man.

The girls were willing, but lacked some necessary muscle for the not quite ripe lemons. However, they persevered until they had squoozen their whole supply.

A lull in the action gave Finn a chance to use such pick up lines as "I got this toy on one of my ten airplane rides."

Wren was suitably impressed. She seemed less enchanted by his discourse on the rooting habits of avocado seedlings, but you can't win them all. And overall I'd say he made a pretty great impression. She hasn't talked about much else but Finn, and it's a little bit heartbreaking that they like each other so much, since it's pretty much a star (or at least distance) crossed romance. At least 5 year olds have short attention spans.

Jane and Scout are more at the playing "next to" each other phase, which can still be pretty fun.

And this thoughtful family went ahead and had a little girl, to go with our expected little boy in the fall. Thanks guys! If our scheming is going to work out though, you will have to move to Texas. There are less lemons, but overall more shirts. At least in Central Texas. I won't speak to the gulf coast area.

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