Saturday, July 10, 2010

strawberry freezer jam

I want to post about this later in more detail, but this was my first time making freezer jam, and if you haven't done it, seriously, go do it right now.

I have a copy of the new Saving the Seasons to review, so I've been working my way through some of the canning and preserving recipes. I know I should wait to talk about this until I'm further through the process, but I just absolutely had to talk about the miracle of freezer jam. The recipe in the book is pretty similar in specifics to the one of the Sure Jell package, or this one right here.

This process is so simple and easy, not only do you not have to process the jars, you don't even need to cook the fruit. Crazy! And since it's not cooked, the color stays so bright and clear- it's really really pretty. Invite me over for dinner and I just might give you one of these jars as a hostess gift. You think I'm being nice and generous but really I'm just showing off.

It's phenomenal on PB&J and it keeps in the fridge for three weeks after you thaw it. I know there are all kinds of good reasons to stick to water bath canning, including power outages and energy usage, and just general convenience of storage. But honestly? If my power goes out? I've made my peace with just cracking these open and eating them with a spoon, one at a time.

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giselle said...

i'm making this as soon as i get home!