Friday, July 9, 2010

another rainy day

Another janky attempt at non-PBS sponsored kid entertainment at my house. Wren found the feltboard in a closet this morning and asked what it was. And at least one Dora's worth of entertainment was born! We measure all units of time by Dora length now. It seems to cause the least confusion.

I'm not saying the rain isn't wonderful. I love the rain, always. I do not love hearing snails crunch under my shoes every third step on the way to my car. I do not love the way rain makes drivers immediately lose their shit and go crazy for ramming.

And I also do not love the way being stuck inside in the middle of the summer tends to drive my kids slowly inexorably insane.

It's supposed to rain again tomorrow, but after that things are looking up. Our moving date is so far rain free, which is good.

And actually the sun just came out a few minutes ago, so we may throw on some suits and get over to the big wading pool at the Y for the rest of the day. You know, as soon as the fairies defeat the dragon and fly back to their cloud castle.

In other rain news- Jane is firm in her believe that 'thunderclouds' are actually 'thunderCLOWNS,' which dovetails nicely with her consuming terror of clowns.

She remembers every time she has ever been in the presence of a clown and she genuinely dreads seeing them, or coming into contact with them ever again. So you know, rainstorms = super fun times with lots of yelling about the 'thunderclowns'coming to get her.

But at least I know what to be for Halloween this year. Thank goodness Chase never threw away all his beloved juggalo gear.

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christie said...

this looks great! i like that you can always be adding different pieces for new stories.