Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm feeling very grateful for all the wonderful birthday wishes and gifts from this amazing group of friends and family. Thanks, you guys.

I had a low key but nice birthday, and succeeded in not talking to anyone unless they were selling me a latte, or a movie ticket or asking me what color I wanted for my pedicure. Introvert dream day. And also vertical picture day, apparently.

And I'm especially grateful to be sharing my birthday this year with the newest Seifert. Welcome Pearl! We are so so glad you're finally here. And yes, the fireworks are definitely for us, just a couple days early.


The Williams Family said...

Happy Birthday my friend.

Meredith Griffin said...

i love wren's hat! can you make one for me?

nuf said...

happy late birthday! i have to is a wonderful day to be born!

giselle said...

i love your beauties!