Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pacific Palisades

We're home from our trip to visit friends in California. We had a really wonderful time, although of course it was bittersweet to see all the babies we left turned into kids we only know through blogs and facebook...

And a bit strange to go to a beach that on one hand does not have tar balls, but on the other hand, is always potentially freezing cold.

It warmed up after we'd been there for a bit into a perfect beach day, and the girls had a blast playing with old friends, who basically are really new friends, at least to Jane.

The belly did fine on the beach, and on the trip overall. As a result of moving and vacationing though, my ankles have completely disappeared. My legs just sort of stop at my new and improved enormous feet. Now that we're home I'm trying to train the children as butlers, to bring me everything I might need while I put my feet on a ridiculous stack of pillows and recline, but Wren just cannot grasp the intricacies of grape peeling, and Jane keeps pooping in her pants.

We had a great trip and it's really nice to be home in our new house. I still have stacks of boxes to get to, and pictures to hang up and all that stuff, but we are feeling pretty moved in, as far as essentials go. The next few weeks are going to be crazy for us, with more travel, more work on this house and our old house, and of course Jane's birthday coming up and KINDERGARTEN starting at the end of the month. Insane, I know. Where did this summer go?

At least we went to the beach!


The Williams Family said...

I'm looking at my ankle bones right now and it's hard to believe that they're going to disappear, even though I've seen it happen before...

Looks like you had a great trip!

nuf said...

it was great to see you all! wish we could do it more often. (and sorry we couldn't make it to the beach....we really wanted to!)