Monday, August 16, 2010

What I'm working on

besides not going crazy in these last few weeks of summer with the kids at home...

- Firstly, I'm working on blogging in LIST form, because my brain is mush at the end of the day.

- Secondly, I'm working on potty training Jane. Oh wait what? Still? Wasn't that um... more than a YEAR AGO that I proclaimed success? Yeah not so much. August 2010 me looks back pityingly on smug July 2009 me. Although August 2010 me is also wondering what that damp spot on the rug is...

- I'm also working on not taking it personally when people tell me how young/easily their kids potty trained. This goes double if the people talking are related to me, or actually talking ABOUT me as a baby. THANKS MOM.

- Another related item... I'm working on not stressing out about it, because Jane has to be potty trained before school starts in oh my God TWO WEEKS and there are just not enough gummi bears in the world to bribe that child. She is so stubborn. At least I know who will be standing up to peer pressure in those DARE classes in middle school. Oh yeah, she's gonna get a shirt. I mean, assuming she's not home schooled because she won't stop shitting in her pants.

- MOVING ON. I'm working on a quilt...

This one, specifically. Inspired by all the bunting I saw at the Renegade Craft Fair in LA, and by a quilt tutorial I saw that I cannot currently find the link for but I'm trying. I'll post it in the comments if I can turn it up.

Anyway, I love bunting, I don't care how trendy it is. And as evidenced by Wren's duvet cover, I love rainbows too, and we had all the scrap fabric left over from that, so I may end up making a few more of these. I bound this in a light yellow, but after looking at it for a bit I decided the yellow was wrong. I took it off and I'm going to bind it again in the navy blue I think... Or red?

- I'm (accidentally) working on things that look like faces.

This is a diaper cover. A weirdly anthropomorphic diaper cover. The pattern didn't mention that it was going to look like a little face. A face that is destined to go on my tiny baby's bottom, but whatever. Only the best for you, fetus! The pattern was a free download from somewhere, I can't remember. It was fine. Oh I am just not in blogging mode right now- sorry. GET OFF MY BACK GUYS. It's like a million degrees outside and I am really pregnant and did I mention that Jane still pees on the floor?

She does.

I'm working on other stuff but this is super long already. Maybe I'll break this into a couple of posts. I kind of lost my motivation because Chase just called and asked what kind of blizzard I wanted and now I'm just sort of staring off, in a haze, dreaming about the blizzard that will soon be mine. Also we're about to watch the VERY LAST EPISODE of the Wire. I better get some closure on this. That's all I'm saying.



jessie said...

you are killing me Kate.
At what point in the potty training process does the toddler quit 'pooping their pants' and start 'shitting themselves'.

christie said...

Good luck with potty training! That sounds rough.