Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

I'm only a week late with this post-

Happily for Wren, we were not actually late to school. Wren's bedtime prayer the night before school included asking God that she please not be late for class. Five seems kind of young for punctuality anxiety, but Wren is just a very particular child, I guess.

For the first week of school classes dismissed at 12, so really this next week will be our first experience with the full day of school, which includes separate dismissal times, an hour apart, for the girls. I guess Jane and I can go hang out in the library for a while.

Yeah she looks like she'll settle right down and quietly read a book for an hour, doesn't she?

The girls are both doing great so far. No accidents for Jane (Continence WIN!) and Wren only cried once. So overall a great start to Fall! Now for some actual Fall weather...

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The Williams Family said...

I love the classic front yard first day of school photos. Hope it's going well!