Tuesday, September 14, 2010

silver lining

In the midst of what was a very difficult week for our family, there was a definite bright spot. We got to spend quite a few hours in a lovely city.

Lots of unbelievably delicious food, although not a lot of air conditioning. I can't wait to go back, under better circumstances.

Believe me, I am bringing a list of restaurants, as well as a game schedule for Tulane, the Saints, LSU, Ole Miss, and anybody else whose win or loss might conceivably make people MORE crazy on the streets. Maybe the trick is to go on a Tuesday?

Either way, I'll watch out for the sousaphone players. Those guys are crazy.

We are happy to be home, and crossing our fingers for a very uneventful few weeks.


Aud said...

oh man, i'm so jealous. I can taste those amazing beignets and chicory coffee! Did you get your hands on any turtle soup?

Aud said...

jealous of cafe du monde...not whatever circumstance brought you there.

Kate said...

haha yeah I got it! No turtle soup, although I did have the best beans and rice of my life.

Don't tell my mom I said that.

christie said...

though i don't know what is going on, i hope that you are doing ok, and i'm thinking of you. glad there is at least some silver lining for you.