Wednesday, September 8, 2010

party time!

Good morning sunshine!

We don't have many pictures of the party- I never can remember to actually -take- pictures after charging the camera.

We mostly have before and after pictures. Here's Janey, still in her PJs. Chase had her new dollhouse, with the stain -just- dry, wrapped up in a big pink bow on the table when she woke up.

This was Jane's standard "present opening" face. It's pretty great. She also did a little dance. I think in this picture she's opening a My Little Pony from Nana.

The girls are eating some party food before the guests arrive. Jane is taking a break from her waffles to eat a lollipop, but we let that kind of thing slide on a birthday.

Wren was a pretty great sport about a "Jane gets all the attention and presents" day, and I was proud of her for being such a sweetheart. Even if you don't have the kind of personality that enjoys the spotlight, a little sister's birthday can be kind of a challenge.

Especially when you're little sister is given a pair of Twinkle Toes shoes. Which are either the ugliest most horrible or loveliest most wonderful things you have ever seen, depending entirely on whether or not you are a little girl. Thanks Aunt Anne! I will always be able to find Jane in the dark now. In fact I'm surprised we can talk her into taking them off to go to sleep at night.

Overall it was a pretty awesome birthday, and it took Jane about 8 hours to wind down from all the excitement. She really did not stop talking or making noise for about 3 hours straight. Just constant. I know parents say that kind of thing, but I am serious. No hyperbole. Just CONSTANT. My mom was here with us for the weekend and I think she was a little floored by it. I was forced to conclude she'd thought I'd been exaggerating about Jane's volume and energy level. Nope Nana, and when can you babysit again?

It was an auspicious start for another year with our precious wonderful amazing Jane. I am so incredibly grateful to have her in our lives- she is a constant surprise and joy, and I pray we will have the wisdom and patience and grace to be the parents she needs this year, as a big three year old!

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