Friday, October 15, 2010


Today was my first morning off work with the girls in school.

This is my blanket, in the backyard. There were cookies, diet coke, library books and knitting. Really I could not ask for anything else. Except maybe a slobbery dog to come hover over me longingly with a tennis ball in her mouth every 5 minutes.

And this afternoon, AFTER school, this is what I paid for 10 minutes of this morning's peace. Unless Jane is unconscious, 10 minutes of silence might as well be a wailing alarm that something bad is happening.

In this case it wasn't really so bad. Just a good time with a canister full of flour, a bunch of utensils, and a bowl of rising bread dough. The bread survived, and will be eaten for dinner. Most of the flour, however, was either on Jane, on the dirty counter, or on the floor.

I always look on the bright side though- it could have been eggs.

And in other much more fun and exciting news- Wren's training wheels! They came off last night, after a long ride around the neighborhood with Chase. They were riding in the high school parking lot, which was empty after band practice, and Wren finally decided she was READY. No falls so far, and she's going to wear some jeans and try again tonight!


nuf said...

yay wren!!!!
i love the picture of her holding her wheels!

rachel said...

I swear that child was just born last year.

That's the best picture I've ever seen.