Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Walk

Chase is really really good at getting us up and out of the house on weekend mornings. I generally want to hang out, putter in the kitchen, tackle some household chores, and stuff like that. Experience has shown us that my version of weekending is a VERY bad idea because it takes the kids approximately 45 minutes of watching me "putter" to get stir crazy, destructive, and as happy to play nicely together as wet cats in a bag.

Anyway, Saturday morning we went to the giant Walnut Creek park. I've never been, even though it's actually really close to our house. Chase has been mountain biking there before, and we were both kind of wondering how great an idea it is for the city to combine mountain biking, family hiking and off leash dog trails...

We only had one near miss- with Jane almost barreling into a biker, who had to swerve out of her way. Most of the time we could hear them coming and get the girls to the side of the trail. Ramona, of course, remains mysteriously terrified of all wheeled conveyances, and stayed well out of the bikers way.

And here's my glamor shot- nearly 39 weeks pregnant. I was thinking a 10/10/10 baby might be kind of fun, but so far this weekend, the hiking has only yielded swollen ankles, not contractions. I'm not quite to the "jumping jacks" stage yet, and I am already completely filled with awe and wonder for those women who can submit to the crazy time game of pregnancy with their sanity and grace intact. These are not mythical creatures- I actually know real people who have managed to go significantly OVERDUE without killing or scarring loved ones.

I know. It baffles me too. Anyway, I'm not that crazy yet. But a word of warning- if you're not visibly pregnant, you definitely DON'T want to park in one of the two expectant mother spots at HEB when I'm around. I will harangue you like a fishwife, and I'm not afraid to work blue.

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The Williams Family said...

You look great! That is definitely a full term baby. I wonder how big he will be?