Thursday, October 7, 2010

These Days

Long days at school make for very tired girls at home. Last week Jane fell asleep standing up. Leaning against the couch, right before dinner time.

They also make for some very mischievous girls. Girls who find the button box and scatter buttons all over the house without asking.

And girls who build a ladder, climb up on the counter, find the blueberry pancakes, and eat all the blueberries out.

At least they know what they like. I've started having to hide the cookie jar on top of the fridge, but who knows how long that will work. They are like velociraptors. Always learning.

1 comment:

The Williams Family said...

I think RAPTOR all the time when I'm watching Rush explore. Oh, this cabinet is locked right now? I'll check again soon, but using a slightly different method...