Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the Christmas knitting

A slouchy hat, from a Jane Richmond pattern I bought last year.

In Lion Brand chunky, Spice. For my cousin Nell.

Pair of mitts number one, also for the Pacific Northwest dwelling Nell. These are a wool blend, and I've lost the tag with the info on it. I sort of improvised the pattern, basically by reading a bunch of patterns and taking out all the interesting/challenging parts.

Mitts number two, the same non-pattern, the same worsted weight yarn. These were a pair for my sister, on her way to Lander WY this February, and I made them bright red, to help the rescue party find her when they're digging out the collapsed snow bank.

A watchcap for Anne, from the Marsan pattern in a brown and white speckled Fisherman's yarn. It looks like the gray yarn for the mitts in these pictures, but it's actually a very different color. The yarn is 100% super itchy warm wool, for the wilds of Wyoming. Anne has enough hair that no hat will ever come close to touching her skin, so I wasn't worried about the itch factor bothering her.

She also has a smallish (but lovely) head, hence Wren the hat model.

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