Saturday, January 15, 2011

One (Big) Step Closer

Look what appeared over the weekend.

Like magic. Chicken Magic!

My wonderful blog-reading sister and her wonderful cabinet building boyfriend stopped by with a project. Look at the little hearts! She painted it with some extra paint she had, and screened it, and all it needs is a little ramp for our future ladies, and some shingles for the roof.

Seriously could it be more adorable? I think Chase may be fully on board at this point.

My sister has a history of giving people gifts that are alive. She called on Friday and asked if she could bring something by for us. A present, she said. And I said of course because I never turn down presents, but I did mention to Chase that Anne had something to give us. We were sort of speculating on what it could be- a puppy? a goat? a dozen fertilized Americuana eggs?

So a chicken coop is both a marvelous surprise for me and a happy relief for Chase.

Anne would probably like me to mention that she hasn't actually gotten someone a live present in years and years, and actually the last live gift in our family was my mom's mother's day gift two years ago...

This guy. Which I gave to her.

I learned my lesson. As Alvin/Pete has taught us, if you can't be a good example, at least you can be a horrible warning.

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amber said...

adorable chicken home. ah-dor-A-ble.