Sunday, January 2, 2011

teacher and class presents

For teacher presents this year we made the gingerbread pancake mix from Magnolia, and tiny little jars of pumpkin butter.

Wren had fun making the cards and I hope her teachers had fun eating the pancakes. I love few things more than a gingerbread pancake as big as my head.

And I was out of town for the making of Wren's class presents. I left poor Chase a to-do list that included "Make 20 tiny Christmas soaps, with jingle bells inside." Super wife I am not.

He came through though. And I think the finished product is pretty awesome. If Wren's friend's moms feel the way I do, then anything that makes five year olds want to wash their hands is definitely better than another bag of Christmas candy. That's right, I'm the bummer mom.

Jane's friends, on the other hand, got gingerbread men. Inconsistent parenting FTW!