Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well this is Bear. Technically, Hershey Bear. Wren campaigned for Hershey, I campaigned for Whisky, and Chase wanted Bosque or Brazos. Bear is our compromise, and so far he seems to like it. 

Other things he likes: belly rubs, noses, My Little Ponies (and anything else made in China for children to play with) and of course, sitting under Ben's high chair. 

He is a soft, cuddly, puppy-breathed little destruction machine. We are so glad to have him. 

Well, most of us are. Bear's favorite game - tug-of-war, is interpreted by Ben as a direct assault on everything he loves. So that's not going super well. But overall I'd say he's a keeper. And hopefully we'll teach him not to chew on people before the end of the year, when he'll weigh approximately 80 pounds. 


davatron5000 said...

That first picture of Bear and Jane is worth the price of admission alone.

christie said...

Ditto what Dave said.

Is there anything cuter than a chocolate lab puppy? I don't think so.