Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Do

This weekend Chase realized a long held dream of having a pegboard in the garage. I know. Rodens dream big. 

And I think it adds a special level to this disclosure to know that HE didn't actually realize it. Although it's been on his list of things that would increase his quality of life by 1000% for like 5 years,  we always end up being so overwhelmed at the store by whatever situation was dire enough that we actually WENT to the store that we've never managed to come home with pegboard.

We're not the type of people who BROWSE the hardware store- we're more reactionary Home Depot-ers. We're there because something broke, or there's some crisis, or we're moving.  For the most part, it's not a place filled with pleasant associations. 

But this weekend I was there by myself, not in a huge hurry, and with a very short list, and HURRAY! I remembered pegboard. I did not see Chase again for the rest of the weekend. He was so deeply, perfectionist-ly thrilled to have this place to organize his tools. HOOKS! and BRACKETS! It warms a librarian's heart. 

And organized tools called for a project! He rescued Wren's old chair from the yard and took it apart, sanded it down, and tightened everything up. I'm going to paint it and get it ready in time for Ben to use it. It's a great chair- perfect for that in between highchair and regular chair time. My kids have so far seen booster seats as a personal challenge. Oh, you built this so it can't slide off the chair? Yeah we'll just see about that. 

Overall, it was a good weekend project and another thing to tick off the giant before summer to do list. The other option on that list, when I was at the hardware store, was supplies to make a rain barrel. Which we've been meaning to do for nearly as long as the pegboard. I even had a full list, with instructions, and then I got distracted by something (as ALWAYS happens in those stores ugh) and left without finding any of it.  Thinking, well it hasn't rained in two months anyway... and of course it's rained EVERY DAY since then. So yes. Nice to have the pegboard. In hindsight though...? Yeah. At least I've got wading pools full of rain water... that's almost the same thing, right? 

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christie said...

Sweet! I love pegboard and have been thinking of mounting one on my wall for necklaces.