Friday, May 18, 2012

spring kitchen

A garden, friends with a CSA, LOTS of wonderful rain, and four chickens very happy to see spring have all combined in my kitchen in the last few weeks to make my attempts at menu planning pretty irrelevant. 

It turns out we're eating eggs. For breakfast, sometimes lunch, and often dinner. 

We're eating greens, hopefully before they go bad. Even if it means sneaking them into spaghetti sauce, frittatas, or under the cheese on a pizza. 

We're pickling! I might be guilty of eating bread and butter pickles out of the jar every time I walk by the fridge. I'm saving one jar for my dad, so it's okay to go ahead and have a -snacking- jar, right?

We're eating basil on top of everything, and it's still not disappearing fast enough, so we're about to be making pesto. 

We're talking about the fact that beets are PINK! and isn't that AWESOME? To have a PINK SALAD! (in answer: awesome enough for the girls to try it, not awesome enough to finish it -- which is okay because I actually love beets as long as they're not borscht).

And yes, again with the pizza. Pizza is kind of perfect for us right now, because usually the kids aren't coming inside with like a -bushel- of tomatoes. It's more like one or two ripening a day. Not a lasagna in other words, but enough to make a couple little kid friendly pizzas taste great. Thanks to the Artisan Bread book, I usually have a ziploc bag with pizza dough in my fridge, so at 5:30, when the children's piteous cries of hunger get my attention, I can get pizzas on the table pretty quick - sometimes with one of our less successful attempts at homemade mozzarella on top! 

And if I cover the "grown up" pizza with bacon and kale, it's less likely that Jane will eat it before I get back from topping up my wine. 


kristen said...

Your kitchen looks a lot like our kitchen - Frittatas and Pizzas! And Kale on pizza is one of favorite things.

The Williams Family said...

Mmm, that all sounds so fresh and tasty. If you get sick of pesto, I have a recipe for strawberry basil iced tea if you want it.