Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sick kid survival kit

Poor Wrennel caught Jane's bug, and so far she has been a trooper. She has shared some crazy fever dreams ("And then the crabs talked to me and you told me to hold them like this and we were in this place but it was just a dream place so I can't really tell you about it...") and expressed confusion at some aspects of sickness ("You still have to go potty when you're sick?!") but other than that, she's been pretty low maintenance.

The big blue barf bucket is just of frame in this picture, and if you are at all susceptible to this kind of illness, be very glad you are far from the playgrounds and toy stores of Central Texas. Everyone we know has had some form of this thing in recent weeks. Like solid 100+ temperatures every day outside aren't enough in the middle of the summer. Little bodies add FEVER on top of that.

Jane got over it in a few days, and I'm sure Wren will too. I'm bummed to miss whatever socializing we had planned, and Janey might possibly tear the house apart in boredom, but other than that, we'll be fine. Wren definitely takes after me in sickness- loving to be babied and taken care of. And I have endless patience for indulging that particular quirk (notice the stacks of games and toys in that picture) so we're fine.

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davatron5000 said...

i love that picture. it's like she's an old lady driving a car. nice grab!

sorry your kids are pukey. let us know if we can help.