Saturday, July 11, 2009

summer is slipping by

Every time I look up, another month has gone by, and it's another 15 degrees hotter. It's funny how summer is not actually -busier- than the rest of the year, but it is definitely harder to keep track of time.

For instance, see how quickly Jane is growing up? Thank goodness her fingers and nostrils continue to grow apace. At least she can breath through her mouth.

It's an hour and twenty minutes past "bedtime" and I can hear Wren and Jane chattering to each other in their bedroom right now. I really should sneak in one night and leave a voice recorder in there. I know it would be priceless.

This picture I'm posting as proof that my children -do- occasionally lock themselves in the bathroom closet. Whether or not I leave them in there...? A question for the ages, or for CPS I guess. Melissa are you reading this? JK! HAHA!

Here they are alive and well, pursuing out-of-closet adventures, if anyone was worried. I love that turtle. Jane always desperately wants to be ON THE TUTTLE, and then at some point all her hard work pays off and she is ON IT and then you see her face go "oh. huh. well, so....this is... huh" and then she says GET DOWN NOW.

I am starting my summer class (preservation woo!) this Monday, and Chase will not be around for kid-herding, so I am heading to Beaumont, to visit my parents and take advantage of their affection for my children.

I am going to give my dad these waterproof zipper pouches I made for his boat. See how nautical I am? Embrace the theme, if not the actual boating (at least not without dramamine).

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xieferris said...

if you DO record their bedtime conversation, you must post it. that would be amazing.