Friday, July 31, 2009

Patchwork Stripe Quilt

I just recently got back in touch with an old friend, and hurray! She's knocked up! I have no idea which kind of baby it is. Other than the human kind. So I dipped into my very favorite bright happy gender neutral fat quarter stash.

There's my usual quilt model up there, back on the job. What strong arms she has! That's a really soft tan cotton flannel, between the stripes. And I backed it in an old linen curtain. I am finally making a dent in that pile of linen curtains I've been carrying around for years.

And here's her "helper"...Did you notice? Oh my yes...those are big girl panties she's wearing there...

I can't believe it either. Except then 20 seconds later I could totally believe it when she peed on the floor. Yeah I saw this coming when I ripped out the carpet a year ago. So far she is averaging 80% pooping in the right place, 10% peeing in the right place. But she's not quite two, so hey I'll take it. 1% poop in the potty is 1% I'm not bent over scraping off her chunky thighs with a grubby wipe in the Costco parking lot. Not that I've ever done that, or anything. Just theoretically, I guess.

The secret to potty training Jane has been a carefully calibrated balance of neglect and chocolate. I used the same system with Wren, but it was surprisingly less effective in her case than the patented "let's go stay at Nana's house for a week" system.

So here's the finished quilt, washed and dried and wrapped up in a bow I stole from Jane's baby. I don't think the baby will miss it, since it was being used to suspend her by the neck from Wren's wagon.

Ah, sisters.

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