Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August, finally! Or, I can't believe it's August!

School has been kicking my butt lately. I love this preservation class, my favorite by far, and it's been awesome to find an aspect of a vocational degree plan that appeals to me so much. You mean, someone will PAY ME for preserving books bound in human skin? But I would totally do that for free!

It's been somewhat challenging to cram consistent study time into our days though. Summer is such a strange time for a family with little kids- the hot afternoons, when it's 103 and we can't stick our noses outside, just drag on and on. Dinners are fraught and difficult. Someone is always collapsing into a puddle of woe about something. Chase walks into chaos, with me, more often than not, asking if he'd rather have popcorn or pancakes for dinner.

These days, as we get closer to Jane's birthday, Wren has begun describing her as "all two-ed up." This is a remarkable phrase in that it captures somehow the transformation from the brash and bumbling toddler of 1 and a half to the suddenly crazed, rampagingly defiant typical two year old. We have much to look forward to. For real though, Janey is bold and hilarious, and sweet and cuddly at the same time. She has an upset tummy this week, and some teeth coming in, so she's not as rowdy as usual. But she is still capable of pinning Wren to the floor and singing "twinkle twinkle little tars" so loudly that you literally cannot hear yourself yelling at her to stop.

Wren is sooooo excited about school starting again, which I'm afraid reflects poorly on our awesome action filled summer. By action I mean, purple glitter play dough on the kitchen table while I do my homework. She is really going to enjoy being back in school at the end of this month, and Jane will be going with her this year, for two mornings a week. Wren's drawings are just amazing to me these days. I know, feel free to pass out from boredom, but to ME they are incredible. She tells wonderful stories to go with her pictures, and she has been talking a lot about tight rope wires. I'm thinking we might want to check out this book. As part of building the tight rope walking/flying skill set, Wren has also recently commissioned a cape, "purple, with silver stars, and rainbows." Miraculously, I found some fabric that fit the bill in the clearance section of Joann the other day, so as soon as my homework is done... we can look forward to SuperWren!


jessie said...

I watched Man On a Wire this spring. He does NOT make me want to walk on tight ropes, it is TOO HIGH! All this to say. . .Let's go swimming.

nuf said...

that picture of wren is wonderful!

xieferris said...

Man on a Wire is a fantastic film! But maybe she should start with gymnastics some day. I would love to see Wren's drawings (and hear her stories that go with).