Sunday, August 9, 2009


So during strictly dedicated study time, as my summer semester winds down, I am finding myself daydreaming online a little bit more than Chase would appreciate, if he knew. (Any amount of procrastination from me can never equal the winter of 2002, when Chase discovered the NES emulator).

Moving on, I wanted to share what I've been looking at/drooling over/daydreaming about lately. Since we're all consumers here, right? No judgment. Other than the standbys- Trulia, various crafting blogs, and the AV club, lately I've been obsessed with...

Bunk Beds!

Just look at those! Aren't they awesome?

And these? Perfect for those kids who insist on sleeping in your hallway! I don't know if this is just me, but sleeping nooks have always been extremely appealing. My favorite thing about the Tumbleweed houses has always been the cozy little sleeping loft:

If living in 100 sq. ft. had looked like that, instead of what it actually looked like in L.A., I might have been more inclined to burn down our storage unit and embrace the simple life (as per Chase's request). However, I can guess exactly how long I could share that loft with Jane before I got a broken rib and a black eye (not long), and re-embrace the concept of a whole separate bedroom, with a door.

Anyway, next on my list is this little project, which I think Wren would love:

Doesn't that look fun? And I could keep it rolled up in my bag, for lines and restaurants and what not. Although actually we won't be eating in restaurants much this month. Eff you Sallie Mae. And God knows I SHOULD NOT start another project before I finish the damn baby quilt that has been staring me down for 3 months, filling me with guilt every time I accidentally glance in its dark little corner.

And last on the time-wasting circuit, excluding my new favorite website, is the Texas A&M book history workshop, which happens every spring and looks like so much fun. You set type, make paper and ink, bind books and print on a common press, and you get to attend seminars at night! I know! Seminars!

Anyway it sounds like a lot of fun to me, so if anyone has a spare $800 and a benevolent spirit, just leave me a comment. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Love those bed ideas, all amazing ways to save space in a small house or apartment.