Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Breakfast

With excitable kitchen help.

This weekend, I found a cinnamon roll recipe that is realistic for my family. Realistic because there's no "step one- wake up at 4 AM and begin kneading dough." Instead, step one happens the night before, when I'm setting the coffee pot and playing paper/rock/scissors with Chase over who has to wash the dishes. Much more reasonable.

I got everything all rolled out and cut into adorable little circles, and put it all in the fridge, and then on Saturday morning, when Jane first began screaming "BANANA BANANA BANANA" from her crib, I stumbled into the kitchen and threw the whole pan into the oven.

Janey danced around impatiently yelling exhortation and encouragement to the cooking rolls, interspersed with some occasional trash talking, such as "Ow! Oven hot! HOT HOT HOT TOO HOT TO TOUCH" and so on.

Obviously she can be at least partially credited with the happy result. Since Wren tends to drag herself out of bed at least an hour after everyone else in the family is already up and breakfasted.

We did manage to save her one, though. We even had a few left over for Sunday morning too. I will definitely be making these again. They seem really perfect for special occasion breakfasts, like Easter and Christmas and birthdays and stuff. Definitely my most successful breakfast baking in a while, since there's nothing to do but make the glaze, and no sink full of dishes to wash when you're done.


-- chase said...

These cinnamon rolls were awesome and very different from the can variety in that the bread actually had the weight and texture of bread instead of processed food-like substance. A+++++ would eat again.

jessie said...

I think you should throw fabulous Cinnamon Roll parties. People can wear sexy cocktail dresses and high heels and you can hand people hot, oozy rolls right out of your bare hands. Just and idea.

meredith said...

what is the recipe? do share....

Kate said...

It's from a blog called Pink of Perfection, if that link in the post is broken (which I would be helpless to fix). You can probably search for that and cinnamon rolls and find it. It's worth it. mmmmm