Thursday, August 20, 2009

What We've Been Up To

So we're in sloth-ville. The last stretch of unscheduled summer before life picks back up again in the fall. Looming ahead are countless well checks and immunizations, dentist appointments, small groups, commutes and lists of school supplies. I also have to plan a birthday party for my tiny baby Jane who is certainly NOT turning two next week because that would be INSANE CAN'T YOU SEE SHE IS JUST A TINY BABY?!

Anyway, this is what we've been up to:

Making some stamps, so Wren can help make Jane's birthday present. Wren has some very definite stamp ideas. For instance, she would like more butterflies. Since she's a bit too young in my opinion to be wielding the super sharp tools, she contents herself by standing approximately half and inch from my face and directing all my motions. Very helpful.

Mmmm....cherries. We've been doing some of this, since cherries have been so cheap this year.

We've been doing way too much of this.

And not enough of this.

Or this. You know, you can let the other laundry go for a while, but there's really no wiggle room with diapers. Regardless of motivation, you just really have to wash them.

And the majority of our time at home is spent like this:

With Wren drawing stories, and holding them up for me to see. This is a deer family- a mama, daddy and baby deer. Also, if I can translate it to a linoleum block, possibly our Christmas card this year. What an artist, huh?


xieferris said...

awesome-love wren's drawing. stamps are fun. been meaning to make more since the project seth and i made with them for christmas was so fun.

Jennifer Leigh said...

Cherries are our favorite! I noticed they weren't back breaking expensive this year too!