Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Janey the Birthday Girl

Sunday was Jane's birthday, and although her big party is going to be next weekend, we wanted to have a family party on the actual day.

So we had Jane's favorite food (beans and rice) on Grandma's special china, with the super "fancy" tablecloth (which regularly doubles as the princess veil, during dress up games).

We had chocolate pound cake, because she asked for chocolate cake, and I can usually be counted on to have some cocoa powder in the house, even if we have absolutely nothing else. I really really need to go to the store.

Janey opened presents from her Nana and her granny Alley, including...

Ah! It's Pinky Pie the Pony! She is pretty excited about that. The picture doesn't really capture the "openitopenitopenit" dance she was doing right then. We gave her our presents too- the dress I made her, which she cries when she sees, the birthday crown, which she wore for about 5 seconds, and the school bag Wren and I made for her, which was just plain ignored once the pink tissue paper was off of it. I'll take some pictures of this stuff eventually... Pinky Pie my ass.

Then we went over the Grandad's house, and he gave her a princess baby! With a tiara! Also very exciting! Janey kissed him on the cheek and jabbered the whole way home and fell asleep about 2 seconds after her head hit the pillow.

Happy Birthday Jane! I can't believe my teeny, tiny, smooshable, nuzzling, head-bonking, wrowring, fierce baby Jane is a big two year old. In the words of every woman over 50 in my extended family, "Well goodness gracious child! It's time to put a brick on your head!"


-- chase said...

Yeah! She's all twoed up at last.

xieferris said...

"time to put a brick on your head?" not to be obtuse, but i'm trying to figure out what this means. to make her stop growing?

Kate said...

Yes to stop you from growing. I heard that every time I went to any Grandma/Aunt/old lady friends houses until I was probably like 14.

I guess it's a southern thing?