Wednesday, September 2, 2009

beginning of the semester update

Things are off to a fun (if crazy) start, as the girls start school and I start my internship this week. We had a packed and wonderful weekend, and I feel like we will all hit next weekend pretty wiped out, but so far we are doing alright.

We are taking some last big bites out of summer, while we still have the chance. I'm hoping we'll all be able to pack up and head out to go camping sometime soon, preferably somewhere with lots of nice cool water to swim in, and lots of friends to keep us company. And smores, of course.

So, onto the update- I am so far loving my "job". I doubt there's a nicer group of people I could be working with. The community as a whole is so kind and welcoming (and it can't hurt that they're not paying me anything). I'm learning a lot, and enjoying some of the wacky perspective unique to seminary librarians. In spite of the fact that Wren's favorite person in the world now teaches her dance class, we are suspending attendance temporarily, until we figure out if Wren's going to be a weepy mess after school this year, like she was last year. So many hours in a big group of people can be pretty wearing on my little introvert. Jane, of course, is loving school like a lion loves tearing apart a gazelle. The only problem we've heard so far from her teachers is that they can't keep her shoes on.

Duct tape, maybe?

Anyway, that's what we're up to.

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xieferris said...

I didn't know that Jessie was teaching dance! So perfect. Your girls are bound to have mad skills with her as a guide.