Wednesday, September 16, 2009

brilliant husband

So back in July, I was swept up in homesteading fervor, and bought (and scrounged) a bunch of jars for canning various things. We found a big pot, a rack, and all the other canning implements, and since then I've sort of vaguely been looking for a pair of grabbers, or tongs, to pick up hot jars from the pot. The grabbers are the only missing ingredient. But you know how these things happen. Once my initial Little House on the Prairie fest wore off, and once fewer bloggers were showing lovely photos of perfectly lit stacks of preserves on their counters...

Well I sort of lost interest. Or not interest, but at least incentive, I guess. Anyway, the jars have been slowly disappearing, roped into filling other household needs. I did "can" a bunch of pesto and tomato sauce, but I don't think it's really canning if you just freeze it, is it? It's more like "tupperwaring"? Chase uses the tiny jars to take his homemade yogurt to work (HIPPIE) and I've used some jars to hold nutmeg and yeast, and even a present we dropped off when it was raining.

But most recently, and brilliantly, Chase did this:

That's a cinnamon and sugar shaker! Do you know how long I've wanted one of those? Probably about 15 years. Seriously. And every time I make anything with cinnamon and sugar (which is a lot) like the monkey bread I made last weekend with Wren, I think about how much I want one, and then (apparently) I complain about it a lot, and vocally wish I had one, and so on.

He got up from breakfast and got out a jar and poked a bunch of holes in it. Hurrah! Problem Solved. Now I want one for powdered sugar.

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