Friday, September 4, 2009

gorgeous wonderful thunderstorm

Our windows are open and the lights are off. The girls scream and jump and giggle at every thunder clap. Chase is making me a gin and tonic. Life is wonderful for everyone except Ramona, who is glued in slavering panic to my leg, and the poor overgrown pepper plant, that just lost its harvest in the dirt. I heart end of summer thunderstorms.


BenBirdy1 said...

kate, that is just so perfect. i love thunderstorms too. and "glued in slavering panic to my leg" made me laugh out loud. so glad to have visited your blog and seen your beautiful quilts and girls.

xo Catherine

Kate said...

Wow Catherine. It's such an honor to be commented on by you. You who nearly singlehandedly (with some help from Anne Lamont, and also my husband) got me unscathed through pregnancy and the first year of motherhood. Thank you so much.

LA the plannerd said...

omg "glued in slavery panic", amazing!