Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ah! No Halloween Pictures! I am THE WORST.

Actually, to really secure the title, it would help for you to know that we went to the AWESOME and wonderful Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersvile last weekend and forgot to bring the camera. Dozens and potentially hundreds of hilarious photos were lost, including documentation of various knights, moors, pirates, wenches, and other people you would not, the rest of the year, trust within a 20 ft. anti-molestation radius of your children.

Hey guys remember that cold I had? The really awful one? The kids have that now. And the immunization police have chosen sick week for their crack down, so I am having to decide whether to immunize sick (GRUMPY) kids or not be allowed to send them to school. Which is pretty moot, since they can't go to school anyway, because they're SICK.

Anyway, over the cacophony of whines in my house right now, I can't tell if I'm being coherent at all. I did find one picture from Halloween:

Perfectly representative of the evening as a whole. Imagine Chase in a big red gnome hat, and it's like you were there.

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