Wednesday, November 4, 2009

feeling better

I'm finally kicking the cold, thank goodness. Every time I'm sick I remember that not being sick alone is one of the chief comforts of the family unit. So even though it can be annoying for the un-sick one, and even though one might have been woken intermittently for several days by snorting and piteous moaning, and even though caretaking might not come naturally to some people, I still am REALLY GRATEFUL for all the patience and kindness from my loved ones. Moving on...

Hey that looks familiar! Just like that header up there! Only more of it! And all together.

I decided not to machine quilt this one, mainly because I've been cold at night and I want a new blanket. I'm tying it with what I sincerely hope are square knots. I guess I'll find out the first time I wash it.

And getting back to work on this has also made me come to terms with the fact that I really hate my bed. And I'm not going to be able to buy a new bed for a long time.

I love my quilt and I want to put it on a bed I love, so I need to find a cheap fix. I'm thinking sandpaper and paint, probably. If anyone has some inspiration, please give me advice.


LA the plannerd said...

what is it about your bed you dislike?

Kate said...

well, several things:

- it's a sleigh bed and it's a foot too long for any standard mattress. so our mattress just s.l.o.w.l.y. scoots down the bed over time.

- it's big and heavy and dark, and parts of it look like wood but are actually metal. secret metal to bash in your shins in the dark.

- we don't have box springs, we have an ikea mattress sitting on boards, so it's weird and creaky.

i'm feeling like a pretty ungrateful friend at the moment, since actually the bed was a gift from friends, when we had no bed, and it is much much better than sleeping on the floor. so thanks guys!

i suck.