Monday, November 23, 2009

A Lost Weekend

No, not like on Gossip Girl. This one was lost to stomach flu. Bluuuuuuh.

We are resurfacing here, Monday morning, and looking around the wreckage of our home. Towels on every bed instead of sheets, piled up laundry and dishes and trash, sticky half eaten jello containers and watered down orange juice glasses on every table...

Also, the girls have become strangely territorial about their bowls. You know, the bowls we've insisted they take to their beds and sleep next to for the last few nights. Janey will cry and scream if you try to take the bowl out of her bed: "NO don't take my trow-up bowl! NOOO!" Um... okay kid you can keep it. Just let me give it a good rinse...

And since, in one of the mysteries of the universe, kids seem to kick this shit faster than grown ups, Chase and I were still debating suicide pacts in bed on Sunday morning when the kids were both up and raring to go- bouncing around the house, screaming, demanding to eat food that Chase and I, had we the strength the get out of bed, would surely not have been able to smell without dragging ourselves to the bathroom. I'm pretty sure Wren played about 7 hours of games on the computer yesterday. Parenting FAIL. On the upside, I'm pretty sure I now know where my kidneys are. Thanks dehydration!

Anyway, before we descended into hell, we had some industrious plans for this weekend. The girls and I found some pretty leaves and made some prints.

This is part of a Christmas present for someone who made read the blog, so I'm being cryptic, but I think they came out really beautifully. This is from the Betz White book, and it was a great project to do with little helpers. Wren is really proud of her work.

And in other adorable news, before food became the most disgusting thing imaginable, Chase made this egg heart for Wren.

He's a pretty great dad.

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-- chase said...

Yeah, this weekend was not the best. Just looking at those eggs is almost making me heave, and I'm like 95% better. GO FLU.