Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I finally did it. After years of looking at all the lovely and beautiful advent calendars out there, I closed the computer and started making one.

The trick, it turns out, was not leaving the house. (I wish that was the trick for more of life- I would have be shutting it down). I just committed to making it with stuff I had, and that made it possible.

Instead of the perfect handmade heirloom for generations of my family, constructed from perfectly chosen high quality materials, I just jumped into the bag of scrap felt and got to work. The backing is some heavy canvas, from a pair of old curtains. Some of the pockets have candy, some have little tiny toys from a very secret trip to Terra Toys, and some have scraps of paper with all the traditional activities- Christmas movie before bed, go look at lights in our pajamas, make a gingerbread house with Nana (thanks mom, by the way).

And then yesterday, the card said...

Christmas tree! We were planning to drive out to Elgin to get a tree, but waited too long to get started and ended up staying local. Wren's comment: "I'm pretty sure this is the best Christmas tree EVER!"
Jane's comment: "I love my alien robot shirt! I love my alien robot shirt!"

Maybe she'll get more into the spirit of the season when she realizes how much eating is involved.


Aud said...

i love that idea!

-- chase said...

I wonder how long it'll be before we can keep the calendar up throughout Advent without somebody tearing it down and eating all the chocolates.

xieferris said...

is it lame that I just keep thinking "WHAT? Jane can speak in complete sentences!!?" i feel so effing old.

Kate said...

xie come visit us already! london shmondon! austin has ruperts and rodens and an air mattress with your name on it! what more could you want?

Kelly said...

Why are you so awesome? Will you be my life coach? We haven't even bought our tree, all our kitchen counters are ripped up, and we have no kitchen sink. It hasn't been our most festive Advent ever. I'm coming to your house to draw a red card with a activity to get me celebrating.