Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The to-do list has at this point been whittled down to the done and the can't-possibly-do list. Guess which one is bigger...

There are still cookies to bake, and presents to finish, etc. And I will be in a knitting backlog through February, if I keep to my current timetable. Sorry to everyone who is getting a wrapped ball of yarn still on the needles this year.

However, the major project today was accomplished! This morning's advent calendar activity was "make a gingerbread house with Nana" and Nana got here just in time. Nothing says 'Christmas' like treating the second degree burns inflicted by the boiling strands of dangling caramel syrup that hold this house together. Welcome to town, Mom! Sorry about the burns!

Once we had some structural integrity, the girls took over and really went to town. They had a blast and ended up very very sticky, which was okay, because my mom's puppy Pete is here too, and he was happy to lick them clean.

Overall it was a very successful project, and it's a pretty great looking house, if I do say so myself. In the absence of actual finished gifts for my loved ones this Christmas, maybe I can just carry the house around with me and show everyone. See?! Isn't it great?! C'mere Mom! Show them your arm scars!

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xieferris said...

i seriously always wanted to make one of these with my mom and brothers when i was their age. looks like they had so much fun!