Tuesday, December 22, 2009

feel free to call me Master...

I graduated!

There's Jane helping me celebrate. She and Wren are both actually surprisingly great at playing the bugle.

My dad and his girlfriend Shawn made the long drive up from Beaumont and it was really wonderful to have them there. They took us out to lunch after, where I forgot (like I always do) that about 80% of the time I really do not like fish. Oh well. Thanks for lunch dad!

Chase was a champion of patience and kindness, keeping the girls entertained for the long ceremony right in the middle of naptime. They ran off some craziness on the pretty campus before getting back in the car. We went from Denton to Beaumont, to do early Christmas there, and we had a really great time.

In related news, I am also a master at keeping Jane from jumping out of the canoe and into the swamp, even though she wants to be in that water SO SO BAD. I told her it was full of alligators but she didn't listen.


-- chase said...

Congratulations, Master of Library and Information Science! Saturday was a brutal driving day, but seeing you walk the stage was worth it.

-- chase said...
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xieferris said...

Congrats Kate! It must feel really good.