Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baking Days

I've sort of been waiting to post until I found the charger for the camera, but it's been a while now, and I've been taking all the pictures of note with Chase's phone anyway, so we're just going to have a round up of blurry/poorly lit pictures commemorating recent goings on in our family.

So mostly we've been baking. Wren somehow managed to unwrap a whole bag of peanut butter cups without eating a single one.

Chase crushed 100 candy canes on the kitchen floor with a mallet, and despite his best efforts, there was a very sticky spot on the floor when he was done. Ramona has been working constantly to fix this problem, though. We're a real team over here, folks. Everyone pitches in.

Here are the finished peanut butter cookies. I don't have any pictures of the finished peppermint chipsters, because we ate them too fast. That recipe is so insanely good, but it's a once-a-year deal for a reason. The process of making them involves a greased glass bottomed cup, a tray of ice water, a food processor on a setting that makes the lights flicker, and, as previously mentioned, a bag of peppermints and a mallet. So... once a year. Except this year my mom and sister are coming for Christmas, and they will need chipsters too.

So I should probably save the rest of those crushed peppermints.

1 comment:

davatron5000 said...

having been a benefactor of this recipe myself, i can say its SUPER DELICIOUS.

the cookies don't have a long shelf life though, they lasted 5s before they were DEVOURED IN MY MOUTH! [instantrimshot.com]

but seriously, the reese's pbc cookies were awesome. the cookie itself is like the baby Jesus' glory. i want to eat a hoagie sized version of this cookie. and then it's taken to the supreme level by putting man's greatest accomplishment - the peanut butter cup - on top of it.

1 word: AWESOME.