Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Since I've Been Gone

Among other things, we made pear butter. It went well, although Chase maybe got slightly too into the whole canning process. I had to leave at one point, and there were repeated texts on the aspects of vacuum seals and jar tongs.

We made pumpkin bread which was great. I also made two loaves of banana bread, which will give you an idea of what the fruit fly situation in our kitchen was prior to baking/pear butter day...

We did this -

Before we came home and did this-

I like that you can see Wren directing the action there. She's pointing out the eyelashes on the jack-o-lantern schematics she had drawn up.

I made a red gnome hat for Chase's costume, which I sadly took not one single picture of, apparently. I made this, and if you are looking for a huge fattening new favorite dish of comfort food, it's a good bet.

I finished up the pressing school work, and now I just have to get a jump on the next big school thing. Chase and I went on a date, and saw Where the Wild Things Are. Which FAILED as a date movie. FAILED. I had to drink a few glasses of water to rehydrate myself after all the weeping. Sorry hon. I think it was the double punch of reliving the worst of childhood, and then looking at my beloved Wren, right on the cusp of encountering all that in her own world.

I mean, you know, except for the part where her parents divorce and her mom starts dating new dudes. Anyway, thanks to the Ruperts for babysitting. You guys might be the only people I know with a tumbling mat in the living room.

In other news, Jane ate my lipstick.


jessie said...

I remember wanting to eat lipstick so bad. I also HAD to swallow grape chewing gum for some reason. For being sick, you are crazy productive.

Catherine said...

I had a friend whose daughter was found sucking on my mascara wand like it was a candy sucker. Her mouth was black and tar-like. I can't imagine why it would have tasted good enough to leave in her mouth.
I like your quilt.