Monday, June 7, 2010

First Apron

I've -almost- made aprons a billion times, even to cutting patterns and picking out trim, but this is the first one I've ever actually completed.

I think now that I've made it to one finished apron, I have a chance at making more. I used the Amy Karol pattern, and my traditional construction style (desperately ironing out creases while Chase gets shoes on the kids and does everything else that needs to get done before we leave for the birthday party).

The fabric is the leftover cherries from the baby kimono I made a few weeks ago, and the pocket is placed based entirely on where I like a pocket to be when I'm cooking, unintentionally taking a baby bump into account, so I don't know how useful it will be to the recipient. I suppose she could always just get pregnant.

If anyone is looking for apron inspiration, there is no better place (outside of Anthropologie) than the Tie One On gallery, which is one of the many places I like to waste time wishing I was better at sewing.


xieferris said...

Super cute Kate. You look great by the way!

rachel said...

This is just not true. You hand sewed me an apron many years ago! It is yellow and blue and has a cute pocket.

What is true is that you are amazingly cute!

-- chase said...

Rachel-- I knew it! I remembered Kate making an apron before, I just couldn't remember who it was for.

Kate said...

Thanks guys! I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 weeks, I think.

And Rachel, now that you say that, I have some vague memories. This is why I blog, because my memory is so completely sucky.

Aud said...

you look beautiful, Kate!