Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the To-Do List

First up is poor Olive, from two Christmases ago. She has held up well overall, but in some places she is definitely demonstrating the whole "stitch in time" concept.

From here on out, I'll take the time to double stitch dolls as well as any kids apparel I attempt. I'm not even sure how to start patching that. Anyway, she has joined Wren's stick horse in the "out of commission, awaiting repair" corner, which is a sad sad place to be. Most of the other inhabitants are long ignored pairs of Chase's pants.

Next up is another one of these little cushions. I'm very very slowly working my way through the bounty of cut squares from my sister-in-law, and this was the first product.

It has two layers of quilt batting for padding, and the twill tape ties are sandwiched in between the layer of patches and a bottom of muslin. It was relatively fast, but for the next time I might find some interfacing and try this method, which looks very quick and easy.

We have two of the wooden Ikea chairs, and two of the Ikea white plastic death chairs, which I genuinely believe are sentient beings bent on the destruction of anything that sits on them. All of those chairs are regularly pulled into service when we have people over, and since I don't want our guests to feel like we hate them, I'm working to make their seating more comfortable. Also, one of these is my regular sewing chair, and at the midway point of this pregnancy, comfortable seating is becoming more of a priority in my life.

And for a to-do list departure... sunscreen! While this is still crafty, it's definitely a different realm of craftiness.

Yes it's definitely that time of year, and to prove it, the always deeply depressing EWG sunscreen report came out recently. Fun times! Everything in the world is trying to kill your children, especially the things you buy to protect them!

Nothing on the 'approved' list is even remotely affordable in the quantities I need for any given summertime adventure. So out of curiosity Chase and I were reading the ingredients on the one 'good' sunscreen I found at Sun Harvest. It turns out we already have most of them for the batches of deodorant Chase makes pretty frequently. The main thing we're missing is Zinc, and in a few minutes on the internets, he turned up this and this, so we're thinking about trying our hands at making some of our own.

I know, we just get weirder and weirder. Although hopefully less pre-cancerous? Anyway, I'll tell you how it goes.


-- chase said...

I'm really looking forward to finding out whether the DEA or DHS puts me on their watch list first for buying mail order zinc oxide powder. Also, did you notice that the pricing on that ZnO is a bit odd? 300g for $5.99 or 1 lbs. for $3.99?

Sarah said...

The squares look awesome!!!

jamie said...

you guys make your own deodorant? that's even worse than using that hippie crystal shit....

Ruffio said...

I'm newly inspired to make my own deodorant. Do you like how this one works?
Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

-- chase said...

@Jamie: Watch it, dude. Crystal Shit is my favorite Doors cover band.