Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wonderful Gifts

I opened a surprise package the other day (is there anything better, ever?) from my BFF Kelly, and found these -

most adorable of knitted items in the history of the universe.

I personally think it's an example of kind-hearted delusion in a friend, to estimate such a dainty head size for any potential baby of mine. But obviously her motivations are as a good as her knitting.

My own baby knitting has stalled a bit. I might try to use this time for sewing instead, since I can still maneuver my bulk around the sewing machine. I'm also looking to borrow a serger, if anyone has one they could loan me (and teach me how to use?)

I will probably get back into the knitting in the fall, when I'll be a mostly sedentary creature anyway, and when the temperatures are a bit more conducive to sitting around with a pile of wool on my "lap".

Anyway, thank you friend. These hats are wonderful. I will keep Jane and her scissors far away.


The Williams Family said...

It's amazing that somehow babies can wear tiny hats. We even have pictures of Rush, with his consistenly 95 percentile head, in little baby hats.

Catherine said...

Lucy's head is now just big enough for her Kelly knit hat with flower, but it's now July and our A/C is out. I have a serger and I'd be happy to bring it by when we're visiting on July 23. I can pick it up a month or so later. Free lesson included!