Friday, June 18, 2010

summer days at home

Even with swim lessons and dance classes and playdates and birthday parties, we are still finding plenty of time to hang around the house.

You would not believe the amount of time I spend everyday expressing admiration of various doodle bugs, milipedes and snails. The number of times I tell Jane to put her pants back on. The number of times I tell Wren she really should not wait until the very last minute to stop what she's doing and run to the bathroom. And of course, the number of times I yell for someone to PLEASE shut the door behind them because we are not air conditioning the neighborhood!

Kids today with their baggy trousers and loud music and not getting off my lawn, etc...

In return, I hear "Mom...I'm bored!" often enough to fulfill my mom's curse upon me in the summer of 1988. Of course, she hoped I would have children who said it as often as I did. Actually I'm not sure we're there yet. This may peak around 8-10? Anyway, it turns out the rules about being bored are the same rules as the ones about 'hurting your own feelings.' That is, you're welcome to do it, but do it somewhere else, preferably with a door that closes. And NEVER in the car.

We've been doing some baking, and some crafting. If we hit a wall this afternoon I might bust out the old playdough recipe. The girls have spray bottles that I occasionally put some food coloring in, and let them go crazy with on the patio.

Chase and I are in the midst of house hunting, preparing to move, packing and all that stuff. I am also experiencing the super fun scatterbrained fuzzyheadedness that is pregnancy, so it feels like I can start a project, but the chances of seeing it through... not so great.

So far, this has one giant exception, and that is making fitted cloth diapers. It's the flip side of that pregnancy coin I guess- the OCD compulsion on nesting stuff. I am cranking these out like you guys would not believe and it is so fun. I'll have to do a post on it soon, but I really want to stop making them just long enough to serve cinnamon toast and watermelon for dinner again, and then get back to the sewing machine...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, kate! i hope your day was a calm and cool one and the night is full of mystery and wonder and excitement. i like the image of the girls with their spray bottles going crazy.


Catherine said...

ok, so now I know that you're pregnant, too! (I'm not pregnant). Yippee! I meant to post on your actual birthday, but the stomach bug waits for no birthday post before attacking your young ones and lying in wait for you.
I'll dream about having the constitution to try to make and eat the graham crackers about which you posted.
many happy returns and hoorays. (boy?)